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You own your ideas: protecting your work and intellectual property

Come and hear the essentials on protecting your intellectual property (IP) from our panel of legal experts, covering the basics on why you should care, as well as a summary of what these rights actually mean.


Topics covered will include:


  • how to obtain IP rights
  • things you may want to register and associated costs
  • third party rights
  • working with others
  • contracts and enforcement
  • licensing rights
  • the pitfalls of contracts and key things to look out for
  • what you need to think about when working with others
  • enforcements of your rights
  • what to do with allegations that you are infringing IP


Discussion will be led by EIP Legal’s Robert Lundie Smith, with our panel of experts including trademark and European design lawyers, IP contract and litigation solicitors and an artist/designer with IP experience.


This event is delivered by EIP Legal

Fri 15 July
2:30pm - 4:00pm
Career advice IP & Legal advice
Room 303, High Holborn , London, WC1V 7EY, United Kingdom

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